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Ariscu's approach is to complement the best of human decision-making capabilities with the power of data and analytics and artificial intelligence — to create opportunities to fundamentally improve what you do. Our audit process, gap analysis and management solution gives you the competitive edge. 


Corporate Governance & Compliance Registers

Quality with industry standards e.g. SOC, IMMC, IATF

Checklist, Document
Integrated intelligence (any data source or system) 

Consolidated compliance reporting

Integration of other data sources
Customised decision making dashboards
Trend analysis and forecasting


Risk Management

Ensure risks are identified and mitigated through effective controls are correctly implemented on your worksites.


Compliance registers
Risk management
Records and Assets


Global Compliance

Gain actionable insights into your global SHEQ management activities through intelligent dashboards.

Compliance Registers:
Health & Safety
Food safety
Carbon emissions
Protection of information (GDPR/POPI)


Intelligent reporting


Our solutions fall into three main categories

We live in a connected world.
Make it work for you with solutions that take SHE management directly to the field.
Ariscu's SHE Management Solutions allow you to manage all of your global requirements with industry-leading processes, implemented directly in the field. Our solutions are built to deliver on the three pillars of governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) – so you are set-up for success.

Task Manager


Schedule once-off or recurring tasks for yourself or members of your team.


  • Link tasks to Ariscu modules:
    ⚬ schedule audits and checklists
    ⚬ link tasks to non-conformances
    ⚬ schedule updates/review of documents

  • Categorise tasks for easy filtering

  • Prioritise tasks

  • Assign "Watcher(s)" to each task.

  • Set repeat intervals for those tasks to be completed weekly, monthly, bi-annually etc.

  • Dashboard view of your teams assigned tasks

Document Manager


Store all of your documents on one platform for easy access for all users.


  • Version control, change history and downloadable archived documents.

  • Documents can be linked to Legal register, Audit manager, Checklist manager and Non-conformance manager.

  • Unlimited document uploads

  • Assigned responsibility

  • Expiration notifications


Risk Manager


  • Integration with other Ariscu modules and Aspect/Risk linking to legislation in legal register.

  • Full audit trail with detailed change history

  • Formulas and colour-coded cells

  • Filter information

  • Attachments such as SOP’s or policies may be added to each


Checklist Manager


Used for inspections and checks, the checklist manager will help you ensure that your activities and facilities remain in line with your management plan.


  • Templates are populated according to your specifications 

  • Variety of possible fields of input:

    • Yes/No; Compliant/Non-compliant questions ⚬ Multiple choice

    • Text input

    • Date field

  • Customised scoring

  • Documents, photos and non-conformances 

  • Linked to DG-App mobile application

Risk Management

Determine your compliance

Audit against one or multiple sections of your legal register with question populated by the Ariscu legal team.

On-Site and Offline

The Audit manager can be used in Ariscu's mobile application, DG-App, to conduct audits on the go; even when working remotely without cellular signal.

Documentation & Non-Conformance

Photos and documents may be uploaded and linked to audit while non-conformances can be logged directly from the audit manager.


Audit scores and audit answers may be compared to previous audits of that section so that improvement may be measured

Audit Manager

Global Compliance
Risk Management
Global Compliance
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