Case Study – Facilitating corrective and preventive actions to reduce non-conformances by 36%

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The Situation:

As part of a global enterprise, our client needed to conform to quality management processes, as prescribed by their global head office, which included Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) requirements. A Quality Management System (QMS) transformation project was initiated to implement these requirements.

The main objectives of the QMS transformation project were to:

  • Align a SHEQ management system to global CAPA requirements;
  • Configure the system to accommodate prescribed processes for non-conformance management; as well as implementation, maintenance and sustainability of due operating processes and procedures; and
  • Train all users on CAPA requirements, as well as roles and responsibilities within the required CAPA framework.

The Challenges:

Challenges faced in the QMS transformation project were:

  • Complicated global requirements required to fit within a South African context;
  • Standard operating procedures not aligned across various departments within the organization; and
  • Continuous changes to procedures and processes and lack of standardization or stability in the execution and adherence to the prescribed requirements.

The Solution:

Align Ariscu to our client’s global CAPA requirements:

  • A non-conformance template was created for the organization in which CAPA and non-CAPA specific fields were configured;
  • Checklists were created in accordance with CAPA phases & requirements, and included initiation, investigation (evaluation/non-conformance assessment), plan (investigation and CAPA), implementation, verification of implementation, effectiveness check, and closure;
  • Checklist templates were created to accommodate root cause analysis methodologies and included the “five whys” and cause mapping process;
  • Documents were created to record the basic workflow process (including guidelines relevant to the application on Ariscu and CAPA); and
  • Training was conducted on CAPA requirements, non-conformance report process and procedures, and Ariscu access and functionality as a QMS tool.

The Result:

  • The Ariscu system facilitated compliance to global CAPA requirements and non-conformance report management, and significantly reduced the number of manual processes required – leading to a 43% reduction in man-hours spent on CAPA;
  • Module functionality was configured to implement, maintain and sustain operating processes and procedures;
  • All relevant stakeholders became knowledgeable on processes, expectations, roles and responsibilities as standard practice within the required CAPA framework;
  • Training reduced the number of non-conformances by 36%; and
  • The Ariscu system encouraged performance observation, allowing focus areas to be identified on an individual basis.
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