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Ariscu uses innovation and technology design to make
complex environment, health and safety (EHS) management straightforward.

The Ariscu Story

Born on the plains of South Africa in 2000, we originally started by helping clients with environmental consulting under the name of Green Gain Consulting (Pty) Ltd. Over the years, we worked closely with our clients to build the foundation of what Ariscu is today.

After helping our clients achieve many successes across a variety of industries, ComplyWorks Ltd. purchased Green Gain in 2018 and we officially renamed to Ariscu. ComplyWorks purchased Ariscu to expand on its field-level capabilities and bring even more value to ComplyWorks and Ariscu clients.

Ariscu's success has always been in providing clients with a global legal compliance solution and technology to easily digitize their EHS management systems. As Ariscu and ComplyWorks continue to grow, we will continue to expand our offerings and enhance our Internet of Things (IoT) business intelligence platform for our clients. Our clients benefit not only from our solutions but also from being supported by a talented team of people who care about them, their people and their operations.

At Ariscu we believe that having a safe and environmentally responsible worksite should not be difficult. Setting clear requirements, collecting information and creating valuable insights should be available to everyone. We are here to help you succeed with your EHS and GRC management.

  • 2000

    Green Gain Consulting is formed.
  • 2002

    Roll out first public training courses (Mining/Industry).
  • 2003

    The Green Gain website is launched with the DigiLex login.
  • 2006

    The health and safety suite is launched on DigiLex.
  • 2009

    2,000 users on DigiLex – double our user-base within 2 years!
  • 2017

    DG-App offline mobile app launched.
  • 2018

    ComplyWorks Ltd. purchases Green Gain. DigiLex and Green Gain rebrand to Ariscu.

Our Culture & Values

Ariscu is focused on achieving excellence by delivering innovative and easy-to-use software for global EHS management. Our pursuit is driven by the creativity of our employees, our collaborative relationships with our partners and providers, and by respecting the environment and community we are a part of.

We value skills and knowledge, but we also value character, honesty and integrity.

Ariscu believes in building beautiful, innovative and user-friendly software that is simple, and yet powerful. We provide solutions and services to bring valuable insights and processes to our clients, so they can be successful.

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At Ariscu we believe that leadership is only one aspect of what has made our company successful – we are a team focused organization. We are successful as a team and we celebrate our achievements as a team.


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Safety in Schools Foundation is a registered non-profit organization committed to providing young employees across Canada with the opportunity to learn the basics about workplace safety. Formed by industry to address the high rate of workplace injuries among employees between the ages of 15 and 24, Safety in Schools delivers free online, industry-recognized workplace safety courses to high school students at participating schools, along with support for teachers and school administrators. Our goal is to prepare every young person entering the workforce with the knowledge to recognize and avoid hazards, regardless of which career path they choose or industry they work in.

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