Climb to the top by combining Ariscu BI with your existing compliance management solution.

Ariscu Business Intelligence (BI) Solution

Ariscu BI brings you concise dashboards and reports, so you can gain meaningful insights into your global operations. Best of all, Ariscu BI can be combined with your existing compliance management platform like ComplyWorks.

BI Platform

Speed Ahead with Clear Dashboards

Our easy-to-use dashboards provide you with intelligent insights, so you spend less time sorting through data and more time making decisions to pass the competition.

Travel Less & Know More

Monitor and report on contractor SHEQ requirements through Ariscu, so you can say goodbye to time and distance constraints while improving adherence to your requirements.

Connect to Any Department

From environmental applications to HR and much more, Ariscu BI can connect to your entire operation so you can easily see where you need to take action.

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Linked to Your Compliance Management System

A Unified Approach to Minimize Risks

With Ariscu you can implement your entire SHEQ management plan from the c-suite to the field for a unified approach and measurable results. Best of all we can link to compliance management platforms like ComplyWorks to give you even deeper insights, so you can overcome any challenge.

Improve Every Single Day

By linking Ariscu BI with ComplyWorks' Worksite Management Solution, you can track your SHEQ management activities down to a worksite-specific level, so you always know what is happening in any jurisdiction.

No More Duplication

No one likes to duplicate work. Empower your contractors so they only need to input information once and can do so in real-time.

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Work in remote areas? We have you covered. Ariscu allows your employees to input data without an internet connection.


Simple. Intelligent. Robust.

In 2018, ComplyWorks purchased Ariscu to expand on its capabilities and bring even more value to ComplyWorks and Ariscu clients. Together we can manage all of your GRC & SHEQ needs for any operation, anywhere, at all times.

From prequalification to managing the requirements of specific worksites and workforces, we have the solutions you need to excel ahead of the competition at both the corporate and field level.

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