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We live in a connected world. Make it work for you with solutions that take SHEQ management directly to the field.

Our solutions fall into three main categories:

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Enterprise SHEQ Management Solutions

Ariscu's SHEQ Management Solutions allow you to manage all of your global requirements with industry-leading processes, implemented directly in the field. Our solutions are built to deliver on the three pillars of governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) – so you are set-up for success.


Active and Real-time Task Management

Always stay up-to-date with real-time monitoring of your employees’ and third-party contractor's tasks, field audits, inspections and corrective actions.

Set Clear Expectations

Easily communicate your policies and procedures; track employee training; and send documents and worksite-specific information to your employees, so they have the information they need when they need it.

Save Time, Reduce Costs, Beat the Competition

Save time and costs by organizing all your SHEQ requirements in one easy-to-use digital system.

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Risk Management

Risk Less, Worry Less

Minimize your risk every day by completing hazard assessments, inspections and field audits with real-time monitoring and data collection.

From Deficient to Efficient

Assign your employees tasks on mobile-friendly checklists to improve your risk management, log incidents, noncompliance and track corrective actions.

One Complete Legal Compliance Solution

Our legal library provides you with access to the legislation you need, so you can correct any deviations and meet the obligations of any worksite.

Ariscu has developed and maintains its own SHEQ legal library for 18 African countries, and uses best-in-class content for North America, Europe and the rest of the world.

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Global Compliance Management

Intelligent Insights on Demand

Ariscu's Business Intelligence (BI) solution provides you with easy-to-use dashboards and intelligent insights on any worksite, so you spend less time sorting through data and more time making decisions to pass the competition.

Information at Your Fingertips

Access all of the information you need to make smart decisions while on any worksite around the world, through any mobile device.

Get Ready to Work ®

Drive compliance across your organization with a full global compliance management solution. Our parent company ComplyWorks provides the solutions you need to manage the compliance of any workforce anywhere in the world.

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Work in remote areas? We have you covered. Ariscu's app allows your employees to input data without an internet connection.


Simple. Intelligent. Robust.

In 2018, ComplyWorks purchased Ariscu to expand on its capabilities and bring even more value to ComplyWorks and Ariscu clients. Together we can manage all of your GRC & SHEQ needs for any operation, anywhere, at all times.

From prequalification to managing the requirements of specific worksites and workforces, we have the solutions you need to excel ahead of the competition at both the corporate and field level.

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Professional Services

If you need help or are strapped for time, we are here to help. Ariscu provides professional services to help organizations gain momentum and understand the complex area of SHEQ.