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Take your safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) management from the office to the field.

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Take your safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) management from the office to the field.

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The Risks Are Real

Injured workers, broken equipment and poor operational practices expose your organization to unnecessary fines, litigation and delays. Ariscu puts your SHEQ management system in the hands of every employee and contractor, so you can control your operational risk with:

Ariscu SHEQ Management System

Ariscu provides solutions for any size of company, so you can manage the SHEQ requirements of your operations and help your third-party contractors manage their worksite-specific requirements as well.

What type of solution will you need?

  • Alta Scheepers, Quality Manager
    "Ariscu team, thank you for the friendly, diligent and professional assistance to our company. The software and your knowledge transfer enable us to achieve our objectives to identify trends, complete tasks, traceability, reporting, communication, responsibility and authority, risk management and connection to relevant stakeholders, and surely contribute to a more productive environment to continually improve our SHEQ Management System."
    Alta Scheepers, Quality Manager
    Delta BEC
  • Alice Bouwer, Manager
    “Our company has been using Digilex/ARISCU since 2012 and never consider an alternative. The website is easy to use and to manage. I had no problems with the system and the employees are always friendly and helpful.”
    Alice Bouwer, Manager
    AESSEAL South Africa
  • Hesti Greeff, HR and Risk Manager
    “Sun Ace has been using Ariscu since 2015. Ariscu provides multiple support platforms in ensuring compliance with ISO Standards and also our own SHEQ Management System Requirements... the [Ariscu] system allows us to do self-audits against legal requirements specific to our operations to always ensure we are compliant with the latest legislative requirements..."

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A Personal Data Library

Policies, procedures, and any other data hosted in Ariscu is always available through your mobile device, so you and your workforces always have the information needed to make decisions.

Predictive Insights

Through Ariscu BI, our system can provide you with detailed insights into any worksite and identify the areas you need to address to improve your SHEQ management. It's that easy.

Work with People Who Care

The Ariscu team is made up of talented individuals who care about you and your company’s operations. Our customers are the most important part of our business and we will show you that.

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From the start of a project to completion, Ariscu helps you ensure that your employees and hired contractors are working according to your operational SHEQ requirements in the field – every day.

Work in remote areas? We have you covered. Ariscu allows your employees to access and input data without an internet connection.

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