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Ariscu focuses on HSE Law (including food and carbon) and Information Security (POPI & GDPR). 

We evaluate your legal compliance with important legal responsibilities in order to handle the client's risk of legal liability.

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We provide HSE legal audits (including food and carbon) as well as operational ISO compliance audits. Our audit reports are user-friendly and bring value to the end user by collecting audit findings and recommendations for corrective action in a simple and practical format.

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Our auditing methodology and reports are in accordance with ISO 19011 auditing principles and are performed in preparation for ISO 9 001, ISO 14 001, ISO 27 001, and ISO 45001.

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Our proprietary management solution guarantees a customised system for each customer, giving access to important information and the capacity to combine various company management systems and control solutions, making regulatory and standard compliance simpler and more smooth. We use industry standards like IATF, IMMC, and SOC II.

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