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Professional Services

Ariscu is a leading African compliance, legal advisory, and service provider that specialises in assisting our clients in achieving ISO and SHE compliance through a thorough examination of their business and operations. 

Our proprietary business management software is designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, as well as to integrate multiple systems into a single bespoke client Management Solution. 


Our cloud-based solution provides our clients with 24/7 access to their information as well as the streamlining of business processes through real-time updates.

What we do










Our legal team specialises in HSE Law (including food & carbon) and Information Protection (POPI & GDPR). The team has the necessary expertise, experience and skills to conduct detailed  audits professionally. Apart from assessing legal compliance with relevant legal obligations as depicted in HSE, POPI, GDPR and related laws, our team also focusses their attention to address client’s risk in terms of legal liability.


We provide Legal Audits of the HSE landscape (including food and carbon) as well as operational ISO compliance audits. Our audit reports are user friendly and adds value to the end user by compiling audit findings and recommendations for corrective action in an easy to understand and practical manner. As we only make use of legal professionals to conduct assessments, all information provided to and by Clients are legally privileged and confidential.


Our skills and expertise enable us to audit various disciplines and industries within South Africa and most SADC countries.

Our auditing process and the resultant reports are in line with the requirements of ISO 19011 guidelines for auditing as most of audits are in preparation for the certification by our clients to ISO 9 001, ISO 14 001, ISO 27 001 and ISO 45 001. 


Our proprietary management solution ensures a bespoke system per client allowing access to information pertinent to their business with the ability to integrate various business management systems and control solutions making regulatory and standard compliance simpler and seamless. We incorporate industry standards such as IATF, IMMC, SOC II etc. 

Sector Focus 

Legal Compliance 


Occupational Health & Safety

Carbon Emissions

Mine Health & Safety

Food Safety 


Information Protection & Data Privacy

Legal Resources

Our legal library provides you with access to the legislation you need, so you can correct any deviations and meet the obligations of any worksite. Ariscu has developed and maintains its own SHE legal library for 21 African countries, and uses best-in-class content for North America, Europe and the rest of the world.

Law Library


A larger repository of legislation repealed legislation and other resources such as guideline documents and policies.


  • District Legislation

  • Local Authority Legislation

  • National Legislation

  • Provincial Legislation

  • Downloadable documents

  • Change history

Legal Registry


Contains the legislation applicable to your organisation, based on your activities and facilities at each of your sites.


  • Applicable legislation categorised and listed alphabetically 

  • Clearly stated legal obligations 

  • Applicability to organisation in layman's terms 

  • Ability to attach comments and documents to legal register entry 

  • Easy access to related legislation 

  • Ability to link risks from risk register 

  • View previous audit scores for the legislation

The Ariscu legal resource is a very relevant and helpful option for southern African businesses.  This repository offers guidance and expertise to maintain compliance and interesting insights into the legal landscape pertinent to your business. 

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