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ARISCU – More than just another SHEQ System!

In a competitive environment where clients are spoilt for choice in selecting a service provider to manage SHEQ compliance, it is prudent to consider what value add the service provides with their systems, other than the obvious cloud-based solution with the tools to improve processes and automate SHEQ activities.

A unique approach by ARISCU in assigning each client a single point of entry and representative responsible for the wellbeing and utilisation of the system, by having a Key Account Manager who is responsible for assisting with queries, offering support services and generally available as a committed entity for clients to engage with, has proven a valuable addition to the ARISCU promise.

Testimonials prove that the personal interaction between the service provider and client stems so much deeper than having to work through a traditional support centre or automated “Chatbots” where often the process is cumbersome in being issued a support ticket reference number and then informed of the progress and eventually when all is resolved, the closing of such a ticket, this is significantly simplified by knowing that you have direct access to someone who can directly advise and assist or escalate in the event of more complex instances.

These interpersonal relationships ensure that clients are informed and in turn, ARISCU as a service provider gets to learn about and understand each unique client environment that enables them to efficiently assist accordingly, be it the merger of a National or Multinational organisation looking to consolidate their processes and service providers – as seen as a recent trend where previously some organisational “branches” operated independently with each their own service providers and processes, larger organisations are engaging in a single service provider that allows for management to gain access to all their operations on a single platform – while operationally, each branch or business unit can still operate independently or a need to access prescribed legislation applicable to your organisation.

ARISCU caters for organisations across all industries and of all sizes, as an affordable solution with the added benefit of an assigned Key Account Manager

The assigned Key Account Manager ensures that not only are our client’s top priority but also that as far as reasonably possible the unique interactions reflect a mutually symbiotic relationship, with the average client subscription being that of 9 years, considering Green Gain Consulting (Pty) Ltd t/a Ariscu (South Africa), was established 2000.

Apart from the unique approach in the available services of an assigned Key Accounts Manager, who currently assist over 120 clients and over 3 000 users in South Africa & the SADC Region with legal compliance solutions and technology to effectively digitise EHS management systems, ARISCU offers exceptional legal registers, including Standards such as ISO 9001 (Quality) | ISO 14 001 (Environmental) | OHSAS 45 001 (Health & Safety) | ISO 22 000 (Food Safety) | ISO 50001 (Energy Management). In addition to our flagship Legal Compliance & Sustainability software solution (Ariscu), we also provide extensive support services such as legal compliance auditing, EHS training and consulting.

Thus, when considering a SHEQ system, consider, not only the value of an automated SHEQ system but one that ensures support and understanding of your unique environment with a dedicated resource to ensure successful utilisation and optimisation of a system that is user-friendly and configured specifically to your organisational needs.

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